For a thorough inspection of your fire alarm system

Fire protection:
inspection and sale of parts


You must install a fire system or upgrade to CNBC Building Code (ULC S-524) and you do not know where to start! Alarmes IPS has all the knowledge and permits to solve your installation problems. In addition, Alarmes IPS is distinguished by Signature accreditation, which allows us to program our addressable panels. Contact us to help you complete your project.


Do you own or manage a building? Be aware that when the installation of a fire system is completed, you must perform the fire inspection to meet the requirements of the RBQ, your insurer, the CSST and the fire department. Alarmes IPS performs ULC S-536 and ULC S-537 inspections.


According to the NBCC code, you must carry out an annual inspection of your emergency lighting system (exit indicator, emergency lighting unit, accumulator …) Alarmes IPS offers this service.


Alarmes IPS performs repairs on several types of regular or addressable fire panels. Thanks to an extensive inventory, our service is fast.

Alarmes IPS: Fire alarm system inspection

When it comes to fire safety, certain standards must be respected. Owners of buildings, shopping centers, historic sites, schools or any other buildings must follow the standards recognized by the Canadian Building Code and the ULC. In the event of a sinister (fire), the first thing your insurer will inquire about is whether your system has been inspected by a recognized company, one who holds the permit from the Régie du bâtiment 4252.2.

You have just installed a brand new fire alarm system? Did you know that it must be inspected according to ULC code S537 at the time of installation? This procedure verifies that all components that are connected to the building fire system are functional and have been installed according to ULC code S524.

When you deal with Alarmes IPS for the inspection of your fire alarm system, we will give you a certificate and a complete report indicating the alarm, supervision and the exact location of each component inspected. The final report we give you includes 14 pages and clearly and accurately mentions the state of your fire system. This report is an important document that you must keep or give to your insurer.

Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Installation: Inspection and Parts

To ensure that your fire systems are functional and in good condition, it is recommended that they be inspected annually. That’s why Alarmes IPS puts at your disposal a team of specialized technicians at your service to inspect your sprinkler system and check your fire extinguishers.

Is one of your equipment parts defective? We can replace it in order to offer a safe installation that meets the standards.

Contact us today and go about your business with peace of mind.

Parts offered:

  • Bell
  • Detector
  • Manual station
  • Ventilation shutdown
  • Oven shutdown
  • Valve closing
  • Horn
  • Stroboscope
  • Stroboscope and horn
  • Small horn
  • Station
  • Regular fire panel
  • Addressable fire panel
  • Door restraint