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Alarmes IPS:
your security specialist since 1990

RBQ, CCQ, BSP permits and Signature accreditation

Alarmes IPS: Your safety comes first!

In business since 1990 in the field of security, at Alarmes IPS we offer a multitude of protection products such as: intrusion alarm system, fire system, camera system, access card system, Intercom system, ULC S-536 inspection, ULC S-537, emergency lighting system, ULC certified monitoring station. Our team closely follows the evolution of security systems and offers state-of-the-art equipment. Our technical knowledge attached to our fast service distinguishes us from the competition because you will find all your security services under one roof.

We can also, via apps (applications) for smartphone, tablet or laptop, make it easy for you to manage your systems remotely. Whether your access card, intrusion alarm or cameras, you can control everything in real time.

We hold all permits: RBQ, CCQ, BSP and Signature accreditation. We work in the residential, commercial, public, parapublic, institutional, industrial and SME sectors. We have done work in several types of buildings such as: housing buildings, churches, warehouses, daycares, commercial buildings, retirement homes, real estate companies, parkings, supermarkets, etc.

Member of the Quebec Association of Entrepreneurs, the Association of Business People and the Chamber of Commerce, at Alarmes IPS our mission is to offer you innovative, practical and cutting-edge technology security systems.