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Alarmes IPS:
a ULC station who watches over your personal belongings and your family

ULC Station: for a 24 hour protection

The central monitoring station and the type of connection for proper protection becomes very important to maximize the type of security. Our monitoring center is approved by all insurance companies in the country (ULC Certified) and holds all the certifications required by law.

Thanks to our operators, the station is dedicated to offer you constant monitoring, 24 hours a day. We protect many different types of buildings in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Our station accepts a multitude of communication and connection formats such as:

  • CA-38-A (Fixed line)
  • IP Connection (Internet)
  • Cellular Communication (Per module)

Here are the advantages and weaknesses of these different connections

Type CA-38A: Connection using the telephone line provided by the customer

Transmits signals only if the line is in perfect condition. However, if the telephone line is cut or disconnected or is no longer in use, the central cannot receive a signal. We suggest programming a 24-hour test that confirms every 24 hours that the phone line is working.

No investment for an additional module, the communicator is integrated directly to the main board.

Cost: annual fee for the connection CA-38A.

Cellular Module Type: Cellular backup module paired with customer-supplied CA-38A type line

You have the same connection as for the CA-38A type connection. However, if the panel loses the telephone line, the signals will be transmitted by the wireless (cellular) line transmitter. This provides a much higher protection in case of vandalism of the telephone line. On the other hand, if the main alarm panel and / or the cellular module are at the same time defective, be aware that the signal can not be transmitted to the control panel. Still, the chances of this happening are slim, but not impossible.

Cost: annual fee for the CA-38A + annual charge for the cell line + purchase of a cellular module that is quite expensive (to pay only once and it belongs to you).


Line connected to your Internet network which provides a 24-hour connection with the plant. The IP line is the one that replaces the old dedicated lines called DVACs. This line communicates 24 hours a day with the receiver of the plant. If there is any interruption (cut line, computer failure etc.) the central will know it immediately and will take the procedures to try to contact the people on your list of procedures.

Cost: Purchase of an IP-150 communication module